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You require information or an offer for a new textile machine, or are you looking for spares or replacement items for a textile machine manufactured by the company Group Babcock Textilmaschinen GmbH and subsidiaries (BTM Textilmaschinen GmbH).


The Babcock & Wilcox Ltd. was established in 1891 in London, Great Britain. Seven years later German Babcock was founded which, in the course of time, developed into a major conglomerate with holding and various diverse company branches. Babcock Wilcox, and later Babcock Borsig AG, including Balke-Dürr, Haas, Famatex or Krantz - all of these companies belonged to the corporate group.

Our many years of business experience are testimony to the fact that textile machines have a long service life due to their basic solid construction and spare parts for them are still required after a period of 35 years or longer.

From past experience we know that not all original spare parts are still available or in their original condition, since advances have been made in the development of these spare parts.

In cases such as these we offer extended services such as the special preparation of spare parts, but our services also include the the modernisation of textile machines and systems.

You are of course given world-wide technical support as well as consultation for your Babcock textile installation. By special request we also offer a local engineer callout service.

Please contact directly, in confidence, our Technical Trading, Import/Export  Department.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries!

We can be contacted under the following Address, Telephone, Fax or E-Mail information:

ETD - Inhaber Robert Berwick
Vossn Weg 4,
D-21218 Seevetal,
Telefon: ++49 (0)4105 2008-9
Fax: ++49 (0)4105 2000
Mobile: ++49 (0)173 928 4925


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